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  • Dimensions
    • 7.5” L, 3.62” W, 3.22” H
  • M2 Receiver to Top Rail 
    • 2.12”
  • Height Over M2 Iron Sight 
    • 0.87”
  • Weight - Total 
    • 28.7 oz
  • Weight - Mount 
    • 12.7 oz 
  • Weight- Base
    • 16.0 oz

The BOARS mount is a low-profile mounting solution that offers a quick-disconnect with true return-to-zero reattach. The base of the mount is installed with a friction clamp and meant to remain on the host platform while the mount ‘fin’ is able to be removed and returned while keeping all optics and lasers mounted; retaining zero on all systems. The mount is included with purpose built rail segments for utilizing most common laser systems in conjunction with a top mounted optic, while still clearing the gap in the M2 shield.

The mount is the lowest profile of any current M2 optics mount and allows the user to keep their head as low behind the shield as possible while still having a pass-though to utilize the standard M2 iron sights if necessary. The entire design is snag and sharp edge free so as not to interfere with the operating of the host weapon. While designed to be left in place, the base of the mount can be easily removed as needed and will re-index to the same location upon re-mounting and will not damage the surfaces of the M2 receiver.

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